Happy Birthday AA From Mr. Avery’s Class!

We want to thank you for your dedication to classes around the world. It’s people like you who truly make what we do even more special than it already is. You’ve made a difference in the lives of more children than you could imagine. So, with that, we wanted to wish you the happiest birthday!

Here’s a little animation we made to wish you a great day!

Happy Birthday from Leopold

Dear AA,

We appreciate all of your support and want to share this poem with you…

There once was a parent named AA,
She was so thoughtful in every way.
AA is a blogging superstar,
She comments on blogs near and far.
Her daughter, BB, is tops,
She keeps on blogging and never stops.
AA is so helpful and kind,
Supporting others is never far from her mind.
We are so lucky to know AA,
And we wish her a very special 50th birthday!

Have a great day, AA!


Mrs Kathleen Morris, Miss Kelly Jordan and Leo!


Dear AA,

Your blogging buddies in Seattle would like to wish you a very, very Happy 50th Birthday!  You have given us so much of your time through your awesome comments, and we wanted to make sure that you know we care about YOU!

You are our Australian Bulldog Reader!


 Hugs and Smiles from Seattle,

Julie Hembree, Reese and all the Bulldog Readers